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Welcome to Grand Exchange Watch

The Grand Exchange Watch's mission is to provide RuneScape users valuable price information. We offer the tools necessary to help users determine when to buy or sell, whether creating certain items are profitable along with the ability to track your purchases so you can see how well (or poorly) your investment is doing.

The tools we offer include a database containing thousands of items and hundreds of days worth of price data with graphs, an alchemy table to show which items can be profitable alchemised and profit tables for items that can be created by users. Then for those with Grand Exchange Watch accounts, have access to a personalized watch list, investment tracker and our community forums.

Grand Exchange Watch Indexes [?]

Market Movers & Shakers

Biggest Gainers
Santa hat 234.23m +4.29m
Ragefire boots 4.05m +84.81k
Armadyl crossbow 2.76m +79.13k
Dragon full helm 6.14m +50.31k
Ganodermic poncho 2.22m +47.93k
Dragon platebody 2.23m +34.91k
Ward of subjugation 916.97k +24.67k
Armadyl hilt 893.84k +22.86k
Armadyl boots 1.67m +18.84k
Armadyl godsword 1.50m +14.24k
Biggest Losers
Virtus robe top 18.53m -786.76k
Pernix boots 12.24m -459.89k
Infinity bottoms 6.90m -309.79k
Torva boots 12.65m -234.00k
Barrows - guthan's set 5.80m -179.35k
Pernix gloves 4.72m -143.29k
Bandos chestplate 3.74m -102.76k
Armadyl chestplate 4.14m -80.73k
Garb of subjugation 3.37m -76.34k
Staff of light 1.30m -65.56k