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Welcome to Grand Exchange Watch

The Grand Exchange Watch's mission is to provide RuneScape users valuable price information. We offer the tools necessary to help users determine when to buy or sell, whether creating certain items are profitable along with the ability to track your purchases so you can see how well (or poorly) your investment is doing.

The tools we offer include a database containing thousands of items and hundreds of days worth of price data with graphs, an alchemy table to show which items can be profitable alchemised and profit tables for items that can be created by users. Then for those with Grand Exchange Watch accounts, have access to a personalized watch list, investment tracker and our community forums.

Grand Exchange Watch Indexes [?]

Market Movers & Shakers

Biggest Gainers
Infinity robes set 20.94m +509.90k
Black mask (10) 1.17m +48.22k
Draconic visage 1.27m +24.78k
Bandos tassets 1.81m +24.17k
Ganodermic leggings 488.94k +15.11k
Dark mystic robes set 424.59k +10.19k
Skeletal armour set 365.79k +7.79k
Zamorak bow 206.70k +6.59k
Dragon claws 212.30k +5.96k
Bandos gloves 217.22k +3.29k
Biggest Losers
Third-age robe 45.43m -1.18m
Virtus robe legs 12.53m -456.02k
Virtus boots 6.67m -150.82k
Garb of subjugation 2.38m -82.05k
Gown of subjugation 1.77m -56.80k
Armadyl chainskirt 3.08m -54.56k
Armadyl chestplate 3.27m -42.95k
Dragon platebody 2.11m -38.80k
Armadyl gloves 2.57m -10.48k
Dwarf cannon set 757.57k -10.00k