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About Grand Exchange Watch

The Grand Exchange Watch is a website dedicated to monitoring and archiving all price data from the RuneScape Grand Exchange.

Why not use the official Grand Exchange?

While the official Grand Exchange – or GE – is definitely useful, the official GE only offers so much information. If you take a look you can only view the current price, the today's price change, along with a few percentages. The current price is almost always enough, but the Grand Exchange Watch – or GEW – offers the ability to view the exact price of items from days, weeks or even months ago.

With access to the item's price history, this enables people to have a better view of what the price of an item will be in the future. Also, people can take a look at how events or other updates have an effect on the RuneScape economy – such as a Bot Nuke.

Who runs this website?

This needs to be made as clear as possible: this website is not owned, operated, or affiliated with Jagex Ltd. – the makers of RuneScape – in any way, shape or form. This is a personal project ran by a RuneScape fanatic who wanted to build a massive database of price history for all items within RuneScape, and here it is!

Stance on the Rules of RuneScape

This topic of interest also needs to be made as clear as possible: this website is not intended to encourage anyone to break any of the rules of RuneScape. I (the website owner and operator) do not condone any such behavior within the realm of RuneScape or on this website.

I cannot stress enough how much I look down upon those that use botting software. It is completely destructive to the entire game, and ruins it for everybody else. Botters wreak havoc on the economy by artificially increasing supply above demand, therefore lowering prices significantly (I say artificially because a real person could not mine, fish, etc. 24/7 365 days a year).

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

If you haven't yet, please take a look at our privacy policy and terms of service. Just so you know, when you use this website in any way, you automatically agree to those terms of service. I know no one likes to read those things, but trust me, they aren't very long!

I hope you enjoy this website and find it as useful as I have!

– Ian, "aldo191"