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Frequently Asked Questions

Alright, these are't actually frequently asked – yet – though I have answered a few questions that I assume people will ask in the future.

How Often Do Prices Get Updated?

The system checks the Grand Exchange to see if any updates have occurred every 15 minutes (give or take a minute). When the system detects that prices have been updated, then the system will begin collecting the new prices.

That may not be the exact answer you were looking for, this is because Grand Exchange prices aren't updated on a strict schedule. Usually Grand Exchange price updates are released every 24 hours, though sometimes it can go much longer than that.

How Long Does It Take to Update Prices?

It can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours – from the time an update was detected – for all items to have their prices updated. While that does sound awfully slow, and it is, this is due to the fact that Jagex, understandably, limits how many prices you can fetch within a set amount of time. If the system requests too many items, the system will be temporarily banned from retrieving any more prices from the RuneScape Grand Exchange. That means the system must wait for the ban to end to resume the update process.

What Is The Daily Index?

The Grand Exchange Watch Daily Index, or just Daily Index, is a value which can be used to gauge the RuneScape economy as a whole. The Daily Index is like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100 or the S&P 500 in the real world.

To make it much simpler, the Daily Index is simply the sum of all RuneScape item prices divided by a previously set divisor. This previously set divisor is the sum of all RuneScape item prices from October 23, 2011. The reason for this date is because that's as far back as our price data goes.

With the current sum divided by the October 23, 2011 sum (it is then multiplied by 1000 – this is just an arbitrary number I choose), we can see how well the economy is doing on a day to day basis – relative to October 23, 2011.

We also have other indices, such as Food, Mining, Logs, Runes, Armour, and so on. The same idea applies to those as well, however those are used to gauge those specific markets. While the other indices seem to paint a brighter picture at the time of this writing, even though the Daily Index seems to be dropping dramatically, this is because the Daily Index encompasses everything within the Grand Exchange. Hopefully that all makes sense! I also hope my calculations are right as well ;-).

What are Price Notifications?

Registered users have access to our price notification feature which sends an email straight to their inbox containing information they have subscribed to. Users can subscribe to an item prices and even their own investments they are currently tracking. After the prices have been updated for the day we will send all users who have subscriptions an email containing this information.

When Will I Get my Notification?

This all depends on when RuneScape's Grand Exchange prices are updated. They tend to be released every 24 hours or so, but sometimes they can be updated in less than 12 hours and in other cases it can be a day and a half before new prices are available.

I can only think of those few questions, but if you have any others, please feel free to contact us!