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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy describes how we use any information we may collect from you implicitly – as in cookies set in your browser when you visit our website, or by visiting a web page – and explicitly – information you enter into forms knowingly and willingly.

Brief Policy

Right now we use something called Google Analytics to gather information about people who visit our website. This provides us with information about how people use our site, where they are coming from, and so on. You can take a look at Google's privacy policy for how they may use the information collected through this service.

This website tracks how popular certain items are, meaning we keep track of how many people view each individual item's page. We then use this information to create a list of popular items, but don't worry, there is no information that identifies you within this tracking.

We will never ask you for your RuneScape username or password – ever! Your RuneScape username and password should only be entered on Jagex ran/approved websites – like and So if anyone here asks for such information, or anywhere else for that matter, don't do it!

In the future, if there is enough demand, this website may add a forum along with such features as a personalized tracking list – a list of items you like to monitor the prices of. If this is the case the feature would require a username, password, and email address. People may then use their RuneScape name for the account, but the password should be completely different than the one used in game! While this information will be encrypted, it still isn't a very good idea.

Hmm... I guess that's it! That wasn't so bad, was it? Since that wasn't so bad, perhaps you would like to take a look at our terms of service?