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Item Alchemy Profit

This table orders items by how profitable they are to alchemise according current Grand Exchange prices.

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gp to gp

Item Name Price High Alch Profit Low Alch Profit P2P
Amulet of ranging 28.63k +45.57k +20.70k Yes
Ancient ceremonial top 67.41k +3.79k -20.08k Yes
Verac's plateskirt 0 160.46k +3.74k -51.13k Yes
Torag's platebody 0 163.48k +3.71k -52.15k Yes
Torag's platelegs 0 160.72k +3.48k -51.39k Yes
Ancient ceremonial legs 43.94k +3.26k -12.61k Yes
Spirit shield 38.27k +2.93k -10.94k Yes
Torag's hammers 0 92.30k +2.89k -28.97k Yes
Verac's brassard 0 164.50k +2.70k -53.17k Yes
Torag's helm 0 58.35k +2.64k -17.82k Yes
Rune plateskirt (t) 35.04k +2.56k -10.11k No
Rune kiteshield (t) 29.38k +2.45k -8.29k No
Saradomin plateskirt 35.18k +2.41k -10.25k No
Zamorak kiteshield 29.46k +2.38k -8.36k No
Guthix plateskirt 35.33k +2.26k -10.40k No
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